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FLB-NCD-3 : 6.0v NiCd battery for Streamlight, replaces SL20XP SL15X 25170 etc.

Original price $ 34.00
Current price $ 25.95

The FLB-NCD-3 is a 6.0 volt 1800mAh Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Stick for flashlights. Replaces / Fits the following models: Streamlight SL20XP, SL15X, SL-15X, SL-20XP, Streamlight 405462100, 40070131, 25170, 201701, 15X1701; GE 40070131, 405462100.
Product dimensions: Approximately 8.35" long, 0.8" diameter.
The battery contact design is basic, with a POS(+) button contact at one end. and an exposed NEG(-) contact at the opposite end. This arrangement is to specifically match the connections inside the Flashlight(s). Verify the proper polarity position before inserting the battery stick.
Pricing is for 1 battery pack.  Picture shows 2 aspects of the battery.