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FL3/V11R-PC RTC Battery for Ambra Epson Tandy Ultra

$ 15.00

May Require Technician To Install

This is a 3 cell Nickel Metal Hydride battery assembly which is specifically designed for Ambra, Epson, Tandy and Ultra series laptop and notebook computers.

Provides back up and clock support while system is down.

This item has pc pins and solders directly to motherboard.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Brand:  ENERGY+
Type:  NiMH
Voltage:  3.6
Capacity:  15 mAh
Color:  Black Heat Shrink
Size:  1.48" x 0.48" x 0.17"
Contacts:  PC Pins
Warranty:  12 Months