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Eneloop9.6TxJ : 9.6 volt 2000mAh Eneloop

$ 46.95

9.6 volt 2000mAh READY-TO-USE NiMH battery for Futaba transmitters. High-capacity, long-life, runs the transmitter for an exceptionally long time. Pre-charged, and will hold its charge for over a year if not used ! Fits models such 6DA, 6VA, 6NFK, 6YK, 7NFK, 7CAP, 8AUT, 8UHF, 8UHP, 8UI, 8UA, 8UAFS, 8NFK, NT8C, NT8iB, 8UAF, 8UAP, Futaba Super 8, Futaba 10C, 10CAG, 10CHG, 10CG, Futaba 9C, Futaba 8C, Futaba 7C, 9VAP, 9VHP, 9ZAP, 9CAF, 9CHF, 9CAP, 9CHP, 9ZAW, 9ZAWS, 9CA-PCM, 9CHF, 9CHPP, 3EGX, conquest 6, skysport 6, etc.
Re-charging of this NiMH battery is typically done with a standalone smart charger. The original 50mA or 60mA  wall charger is not powerful enough to re-charge this 2000mAh battery.
Battery pack dimensions: 4" long x 1 1/8" x 1 1/8". Replaces battery model #s such as NT8iB, NT-8iB, NT8S700B, NT8S600B, NT-8S700B, NT-8S600B.
 These battery packs are MADE IN THE USA by BATTERIES AMERICA.

NEW OPTION: add an extra set of battery charging leads for $ 10.00 more.  These will enable you to fast-charge the battery while it is still connected to the R/C transmitter, and you can leave the Futaba connector plugged in to the transmitter.