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EMS-20-28 : Desktop Rapid Charger for ALINCO

$ 59.95

EMS-20-28 : Desktop Rapid-Smart charger for Alinco.  Charges 7.2 volt thru 12-volt Alinco-style batteries such as EBP-20N, EBP-20x, EBP-22N, EBP-22xh,EBP-22xs, EBP-24N, EBP-26N, EBP-28N, EBP-28exx, EBP-16N, EBP-16x, EBP-18N, EBP-18x, etc. (Ni-Cd or Ni-MH). Also charges EBP-10N and EBP-12N batteries that have external charging contacts. Will charge battery alone, or you can insert the entire handheld into the charger.  Fully automatic operation; no buttons to push; terminates fast charge when battery is full, and automatically switches to trickle (float) charge.  Charger has LED status indicators (power/charging/full).  Includes worldwide AC-DC wall power supply (100-240VAC in). Plugs right into USA style outlets; when used elsewhere, all you need is a Prong Adapter.

Exclusive product from Batteries America.