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EBP-22xe insert: 12volt 2000mAh NiMH Battery Insert

Original price $ 67.00
Current price $ 39.00
EBP-22XE insert: 12volt 2000mAh NiMH insert for ALINCO.  Goes inside EBP-22N and EBP-28N battery casings.   Made with low-self-discharge NiMH cells.
Hint: If you have an original Alinco EBP-22N or EBP-28N battery pack, you will need to carrefully cut open the battery pack along the side ridge.
The EBP-22XE insert is configured like the original insert;  you will need to de-solder the original insert, remove it, and and install the new insert.  Wires will need to be soldered onto the (=) and (-) tabs of the new insert.