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E-DC-5BA : DC Power & Charge cord for Yaesu & Vertex radios.

$ 24.95

E-DC-5BA : DC Power & Charge cord for Yaesu, Vertex, & Standard Horizon radios. Replaces Yaseu & Vertex E-DC-5B, SDD-13, SDD-12, E-DC-19, etc. Input: 12-16VDC (DC socket, regulated power supply, or portable power supply). Output: 12VDC, 2A max, with built-in noise filtering, voltage control, and current control. Fits radios such as VX-8R, FT5D, FT-5DR, FT-5D, FT-1DR, FT2DR, FT1D, FT2D, FT3DR, FT-70R, FT-65R, FT-60R, FT-50R, VXA-700, VXA-710, FT-70R, FT-65R, VX-7R, VX-7Rb, VX-6, VX-6R, VX-5, VX-5R, VX-5Rs, VXA-100, VX-120, VX-150, VX-177, FT-250, FT-817, FT-530, VXA-300, FT-270R, FT-277R, FTA-250L, FTA-450L, FTA-550L, FTA-750L, STANDARD-HORIZON HX270S, HX370S, HX471/S, HX500S, HX600S, and many more.  If your Yaesu radio has a DC plug port, coax center Pos(+), then this is the ideal Mobile Power Cable.

Provides power to the radio for high-watt operation, AND also applies a charge to the battery.

The E-DC-5BA can also be used as the DC Power supply for Desktop Rapid Charger cups such as CD-15A, CD-41, CD-41BA.