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DR202, DR202E, DR202i

$ 159.00

DR202 is a 11.1 volt 7800mAh rechargeable Lithium ION battery pack for Laptop computers, Scanners (FUJITSU STYLISTIC LT233), and Medical devices.  Replaces original battery model #s such as DR-202, EMC-202, GPDR202, Li202S, Li202S-60, Li202S-66, Li202S-72, Li202S5400, ME202, ME202A, ME202AF, ME202B, ME202BB, ME202C, ME202CJ, NI202, NI2020, NI2020C, SB200L etc.  Intelligent battery pack with built-in fuel guage.
X-reference fit list: Molicell ME202 battery, Canon Note Jet III battery, Canon Note Jet III CX Series P120 battery, Micron Transport GX battery, Micron Transport GX+ battery, Micron Transport GX2 battery, Micron Transport GX3 battery, Micron Transport Trek2, Micron Transport Trek2 233, Micron Transport Trek2 266, Micron Transport Trek2 300 DVD, Micron Micron Transport VX, Micron Transport XT, Micron Transport XT2, Micron Micron Transport ZX, Abacus ERA1000, ARM Computer ARMNOTE 795, ARM Computer ARMNOTE 795 PLUS, ARM Computer ARMNOTE 797, ARM Computer ARMNOTE 982, AST 234802125, AST ASCENTIA A43, Chem USA CHEMBOOK 5400, Chem USA CHEMBOOK 5580, Chem USA CHEMBOOK 6800, Clevo NBP001139, Clevo NBP001169, Clevo NBP001185, Clevo ST-202, CTX EZBOOK FA3I266, CTX EZBOOK FB3I266, Dantona LAP-271LI, DTK TOP5A, Everex SC, Everex SE, Everex SK, Gotcha COPYBOOK 533, Gotcha COPYBOOK 533TX, Gotcha COPYCAT FSM, Hertz 6200AT, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4000, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4100, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4140, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4150, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4300, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4350, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PLUS 4360, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 6000, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 6390, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7000, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7330, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7340, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7360, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7370, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7560, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7570, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7580, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7590, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7630, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7650, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7755, Hitachi VISIONBOOK PRO 7775, Hughes HNS P/N 3500065-0001, Hyperdata MEDIAGO 950L, Inspired Energy NI2020, Interstate Batteries ALAP0328, Kapok 6000, Kapok 7000, KDS EMC36, KDS ME202BB, KDS NL2020, KDS SMP202, KDS VALIANT 5340, KDS VALIANT 5345, KDS VALIANT 5347, KDS VALIANT 5350, KDS VALIANT 6000, KDS VALIANT 6001, KDS VALIANT 6371, KDS VALIANT 6380, KDS VALIANT 6480, KDS VALIANT 6480I, KDS VALIANT 6481, KDS VALIANT 671, KDS VALIANT 681, Magellan SH202, Magellan ZXTREME GPS RECEIVER, Magnus RNM130, Micron LI202S, Micron MILLENNIA TRANSPORT TREK 2, Mint 6012P, Motorola DDN7505, Motorola HKNN4004, Motorola ML900, NEC READY 440T, Olivetti XTREMA, Prostar 1001P, Prostar 3310, Sager NP660, Samsung SENSPRO 523, Sharp PCM-200, Solomon 6020T, Sony A-1215-766-A, Sony A130, Sony A140, Sony A150, Sony A160, Sony A170, Sony A190, Sony A230, Sony A240, Sony A250, Sony A260, Sony A270, HASEE 33-01PI, 338911120104, BP-LP2900, BP-LP2900/33-01PI, GETAC S400.