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DC-USB-BL5L : USB Charge cord for Baofeng BL-5L battery

$ 12.95
DC-USB-BL5L : USB Charge Cord for Baofeng BL-5L battery. Plugs into round charge port on upper side of battery.
BL-5L 3800mAh Battery 2.5mm USB Charger Cable For BaoFeng UV-5R UV-S9 PLUS Radio.

This cable has an indicator light. When it connects to a discharged battery, the light will turn to red. 
And then turn to green when the charge is finished.
Light weight and handy.

Compatible With: BAOFENG UV-5R BL-5L 3800 mAh Battery UV-S9 PLUS BF-UVB3 UV-X9 UV-10R Two Way Radio.
Cable Length: Approx. 1m/39.37 inches.
Connecter: Approx. 2.5mm/0.09 inch.
Color: Black.
Batteries sold separately.  Power supply sold separately.