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CPB-403J : 3.6 volt battery for Cordless phones

$ 10.95

CPB-403J : 3.6v rechargeable battery for V-Tech, AT&T, Southwestern Bell, and other cordless phones. Available as 400Ah NiCd, or 700mAh longer-life NiMH (choose from menu). Note connector shape & polarity; this replaces MANY different phone batteries.
Cross-reference compatibility list:

Northwestern Bell 3100  AT&T-Lucent 4128
 AT&T-Lucent 24112  AT&T-Lucent 24312  GE 5-2320
 GE 2-9670  Southwestern Bell 4205083  Southwestern Bell BAT1188
 Sony BP-T37  Lenmar CBA337  Sanyo CLT3500
 Rayovac CO100O6  Cobra CP-478  Empire CPB-403J
 Conair CTP8210  Conair CTP8212  Conair CTP8225
 Conair CTP8310  Conair CTP8325  Conair CTP9200
 Conair CTP9250  Bell South EXCELISTOR3101  Southwestern Bell FF-1000
 Southwestern Bell FF-1185  Southwestern Bell FF-1187  Southwestern Bell FF-1188
 Southwestern Bell FF-1710  Southwestern Bell FF-1720  Southwestern Bell FF-1722
 Southwestern Bell FF-1724  Southwestern Bell FF-1726  Southwestern Bell FF-1740
 Southwestern Bell FF-1742  Southwestern Bell FF-1751  Southwestern Bell FF-1760
 Southwestern Bell FF-1762  Southwestern Bell FF-1765  Southwestern Bell FF-1770
 Southwestern Bell FF-1775  Southwestern Bell FF-2000  Southwestern Bell FF-2025
 Southwestern Bell FF-2100  Southwestern Bell FF-2150  Southwestern Bell FF-641
 Southwestern Bell FF-642  Sony FF643  Southwestern Bell FF-643
 Southwestern Bell FF-646  Southwestern Bell FF-655  Southwestern Bell FF-660
 Southwestern Bell FF-662  Southwestern Bell FF-664  Southwestern Bell FF-665
 Southwestern Bell FF-667  Southwestern Bell FF-668  Southwestern Bell FF-670
 Southwestern Bell FF-671  Southwestern Bell FF-672  Sony FF674
 Southwestern Bell FF-674  Southwestern Bell FF-676  Southwestern Bell FF-677
 Southwestern Bell FF-680  Southwestern Bell FF-688  Southwestern Bell FF-690
 Southwestern Bell FF-692  Southwestern Bell FF-693  Southwestern Bell FF-694
 Southwestern Bell FF-695  Southwestern Bell FF-701  Southwestern Bell FF-702
 Southwestern Bell FF-705  Southwestern Bell FF-712  Southwestern Bell FF-714
 Southwestern Bell FF-727  Southwestern Bell FF-728  Southwestern Bell FF-905
 Southwestern Bell FF-920  Southwestern Bell GH-3000  Southwestern Bell GH-3010
 Southwestern Bell GH-3012  Southwestern Bell GH-3028  GP GP40AAK3MX
 Aastra Telecom JB-950  Energizer P3391  Sanyo PCH06
 Rayovac RAY6  Southwestern Bell S60518  Gemini TA267
 Interstate Batteries TEL0140  AT&T-Lucent EL42258  Vtech CS2111
 AT&T-Lucent EL41108  AT&T-Lucent EL42308  Vtech CS5111
 Vtech CS5121  AT&T-Lucent EL42208  AT&T-Lucent EL42408
 AT&T-Lucent EL41208