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CP-SP-200 : DC Power & Carge Cord for SPORTY'S SP-200 radio

$ 26.95

CP-SP-200 : DC Power & Charge cord for SPORTY'S SP-200 radio.  Plugs into 12-24VDC socket. Other end plugs into the side of the SPORTY'S SP-200 Air Band radio (center hole of coaxial plug is POSITIVE+). Powers radio for both receive and transmit. Also slow-charges the NiCd battery (original part # 8631A) if attached to the radio. Will power the radio with or without a battery attached. If the Alkaline Battery Case (7153A) is attached to the radio, the PA-SP-200 only provides power to the radio; it does not and can not send power into the alkaline battery case.
The DC-SP-200 replaces original part # 8634A.
Note: The SP-200 Radio DC jack indicates DC 9V, but the radio will not turn on with a 9VDC power supply, nor will it be adequate to charge a 9.6v NiCd battery. 12VDC is required to charge the attached 9.6v battery, and also power the SP-200 radio.

Input: 12-24VDC (socket)
Output: 12VDC, regulated, current limited, and built-in noise filtering. Max output 2A (it provides the voltage & current that the radio demands for operation). 

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