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CP-20BA : 12-24VDC DC Power Cable for ICOM radios (replaces CP-20)

$ 29.95

CP-20BA: Cigarette Lighter Cable for ICOM radios. To operate from a 12 or 24VDC power source socket. Plugs into radio DC jack. CP-20BA output: 11.2VDC 2A max. Polarity of 3.5mm coax plug is center hole POS(+). Has built-in voltage regulation, current limiting, and noise suppression circuitry. This is an exclusive Batteries America brand product.
This item replaces the Icom brand CP-20 and CP-19R power cables.  
Fits ICOM Aircraft radios, Amateur radios, Business band radios, military radios, police radios, search & rescue radios, etc. 

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