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CP-12A : Filtered DC Power & Charge Cord for ALINCO radios

$ 24.95

CP-12A : DC Power and Charging Cord for ALINCO radios. Plugs into DC socket (input range 12-24VDC). Output is 12VDC regulated (2A max), center hole polarity Positive+. Has built-in circuitry to regulate Voltage, Current, and provide Noise suppression. Provides High-Watt power, and can also charge battery packs installed on your radio. Compatible radios include DJ-190T, DJ-191T, DJ-G5T, DJ-X10, DJ-V5T, DJ-V5TH, DJ-196T, DJ-446, DJ-493, DJ-496, DJ-596, etc. When plugged into radio, the CP-12A can charge battery models such as EBP-48, EBP-48H, EBP-48N, EBP-50N, EBP-51N, EBP-36, EBP-36N, EBP-36h, EBP-36xh, EBP-46N, EBP-46H, EBP-46xh, etc.