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BP-200-205xi : 7.2v 1650mAh replacement insert for BP-200, BP-205, BT049

$ 36.95

BP-200-205xi : 7.2volt 1650mAh replacement Ni-MH insert for your Uniden BP-200 & BP-205 battery pack. Made with high-quality NiMH cells. This insert goes Inside a Uniden BP-200 or BP-205 battery pack.  Also replaces BT049, BT-049 insert.

To rebuild, you will need to remove the 2 screws on the bottom side of your battery pack. Then the 2 black plastic halves of the battery can be Carefully pulled apart. The old insert will need to be de-soldered (to detach the 2 wires connected to it), and the new insert put in its place. You will need to Confirm Polarity when attaching wires. Typically, red wire  is Positive, and goes to the Positive Tab.  Typically, black wire is negative, and goes to the negative tab.  You will need to insulate any exposed metal parts when completing the rebuild process, to insure integrity.