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4HRAAUW: 4.8 volt 1650mAh AA rechargeable NiMH battery for RC hobby

$ 28.00

4HRAAUW: 4.8 volt 1650mAh Ni-MH rechargeable high-capacity receiver battery.  Made with 4 x HRAAU high-capacity AA-size NiMH cells.  Flat pack dimensions: 2" tall, 0.6" thick, 2.2" across.  Choose pack Shape and Connector(s) from scroll-down menus. Connector(s) are $ extra. 
This battery pack, in Flat shape, is the same physical size as typical 4.8v receiver packs, such as NR4J, SPMB1500NM, etc.  In Square shape, it is the same physical size as NR-4QB.

NEW OPTION : Add EC3 (blue) high-amp connector for $5 extra (this extra connector is ideal for higher-amp delivery or for quick-charging connection).*

If you need a charger for this battery, we recommend the: "Ni-Charger", the "H6AC", or the Venom Pro Duo. These Smart Chargers, which will apply a controlled charge to the battery, and shut off when the battery is full. There are many other Smart R/C chargers on the market, which are also suitable for charging these 1650mAh batteries.