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CP-23L : Heavy Duty DC Power & Charge cord for ICOM radios

$ 24.95

CP-23L : DC Power & Charge cord for ICOM, Realistic, Radio Shack, & BENDIX-KING radios, etc. One end plugs into radio (coaxial barrel plug, 5.0mm x 2.1mm), Charger cradle, or battery; has 3-Ft heavy gauge cable; the other end plugs into 12-13.8VDC socket. The IC-CP will power the radio from the DC Input Jack (if radio has DC input). It can also slow-charge an attached battery when radio is turned off and DC socket is live. It can also slow-charge batteries that have the corresponding 12-13.8VDC Jack (batteries such as BP-7, CM-7, BP-8, CM-8, BP-70, CM-70). Replaces original ICOM parts such as CP-17L, IC-CM1, CP-23L, and others. Compatible with many ICOM radios, including IC-A20, IC-A21, IC-A3, IC-A22, IC-H16, IC-M5, IC-M1, IC-U2, IC-U12, IC-32AT, IC-12GAT, IC-02AT, IC-03AT, IC-04AT, IC-V10MR, IC-F2100D, IC-F1100D, IC-F3001, IC-F4001, etc. There is a replaceable fuse in the DC Plug section. Conducts current with no impediment other than the 5A fuse. Voltage IN = Voltage OUT. Do NOT use with direct 24-28VDC. Use with 12-13.8VDC only, or with 24-28VDC regulated DOWN to 12VDC.