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CNB-152xh: 12v 1200mAh NiMH battery for Standard, ADI, JRC

$ 46.95
CNB-152xh : 12 volt 1200mAh LONG LIFE Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack for STANDARD, ADI, JRC, Heath, & Relm radios. Replaces original #s CNB242, CNB244A, CNB-152, RBP-120, NBB-487, etc.  Provides high-watt Tx operation.  The CNB-152xh includes a charging jack on the side; center pin polarity is negative, just like the original CNB-152, RBP-120, and NBB-487 products.  It can be re-charged 2 ways: (1) Via plug-in wall charger (WC-152-162 is recommended), or (2) Via Desktop drop-in quick charger (CSA-181, etc.).  Battery is 3" tall; slides onto bottom of radios. Fits following models: STANDARD C228A, C528A, C558A, C628A; ADI HT201, ADI 201, ADI HT401, ADI 401; JRC JHP-500, JHP-520 (all worldwide versions).  

Pricing is for 1 battery pack.  Picture shows two views of the battery.
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