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CM-35 : ICOM Desktop Rapid Charger (BC-35)

$ 79.95

CM-35 (aka BC-35): ICOM Desktop Rapid Charger. Charges NiCd and NiMH battery packs such as BP-2, BP-3, BP-5, CM-5A, BP-7, BP-7x, CM-7, CM-7G, CM-7X, BP-8, BP-8H, BP-8sh, BP-8xh, IC-8, BP-202h, BP-202e etc. These chargers are N.O.S. (new old stock) or Factory-reconditioned chargers in full working condition.

Compatible with radios such as IC-02AT, IC-2AT, IC-03AT, IC-04AT, HTX-202, HTX-404, IC-A20, IC-A21, IC-2GAT, IC-4GAT, IC-32AT, IC-H1, IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-H16,  IC-U1, IC-U2, IC-M2, IC-M5, IC-M11, IC-M12, and many more.