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CM-12 : Alkaline Battery Case for ICOM radios

$ 39.95

CM-12 : Alkaline Battery Case for ICOM radios. Holds 10 x AA battery cells. Fits radios such as IC-A20, IC-A21, IC-32AT, and any other ICOM radio that operates on a 13.2v battery pack.  Provides 15VDC when Alkaline AA cells are used inside, and 12VDC when rechargeable AAs are used. Replaces original CM-12, CM-12G, and also replaces original 13.2V battery packs such as CM-12G, BP-7, CM-7, BP-7G, CM-7G, BP-70, CM-70.

Product dimensions: about 3.1" tall, 2.5" across, 1.3" thick. It is a 2-piece design; the interior slides into, and snaps in place inside the outer CM-12 shell.