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CD-41BA : Desktop Rapid Charger for Yaesu & Vertex

$ 49.95

CD-41BA: Desktop Rapid Charger for Yaesu-style batteries FNB-101Li, FNB-102Li, FNB-102Li Plus, SBR-14Li, SBR-14Li MAX, etc. Includes wall power supply. Provides smart, quick charge to battery, and automatically shuts off when battery is full.  Has LED Charge status indicator. Charges battery & radio together, or you can insert just the battery.

Compatible with Yaesu & Vertex radios such as FT-5DR, FT-5D,  VX-8R, VX-8DR, VX-8GR, FT1R, FT1DR, FT-2D, FT2D, FT-2DR, FT2R, FT2DR, FT3R, FT3DR, FT3, FT-3R, FT-3DR, FT1XD, FT1XDR, FT-1XD radios etc.

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