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The CD-41: This item has been discontinued by Yaesu.
Limited stock is available. Delivery time is 3 weeks.

Replacement version available now: CD-41BA (Batteries America brand product).

CD-41 : Vertex-brand desktop Rapid-Smart Charger for FNB-101Li, FNB-102Li, FNB-103Li, SBR-14Li, etc.  Charges battery alone, or you can put entire rig into the charging cup. Use with NC-86, NC-72B, PA-48, E-DC-5BA, or SDD-13

For Yaesu-Vertex VX-8R, VX-8DR, VX-8GR, FT1R, FT1DR, FT-2D, FT2D, FT-2DR, FT2R, FT2DR, FT3R, FT3DR, FT3, FT-3R, FT-3DR, FT1XD, FT1XDR, FT-1XD radios etc.