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CBP-888 : 8xAA battery case for Standard, ADI, JRC, Realistic, Rexon, JRC

Original price $ 40.00
Current price $ 28.95

The CBP-888 is an 8 x AA battery case for Standard, ADI, JRC, REALISTIC, Heath, Relm radios, etc.  Provides High Power when Alkaline AA cells are used (8 x 1.5v = 12VDC). Provides 9.6VDC power when rechargeable Ni-Cd or Ni-MH AA battery cells are used.  It can replace battery packs with part #s CNB-152, CNB-244, CNB-242, NBB-487, RBP-120.  The CBP-888 has a built-in charging jack for charging 8 Ni-Cd AA cells or 8 NiMH cells (WC-888 Wall charger sold separately).  Fits radios such as Standard C558A, C158A, C228, C528, ADI-HT600, AT-600, AT200, AT201, AT400, AT401; JRC JHP-500, JHP-520, JHP520; REALISTIC HTX-204, etc.

Matching Wall Charger: WC-888.