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CBE-102 Battery Eliminator

$ 32.95

CBE-102: Battery Eliminator for Yaesu radios. Fits FT-5DR, FT-5D, VX-8, VX-8R, VX-8DR, VX-8GR, FT-1DR, FT1D, FT1DR, FT2D, FT2DR, FT-2DR, FT-3DR, FT-3D etc. (worldwide versions). Clips onto back of radio; has cooled cord; other end is a DC Plug which goes in a vehicle 12VDC socket. Enables operation of the radio from a vehicle DC socket or similar 12VDC power source. Replaces batteries such as FNB-102Li, FNB-101Li, SBR-14Li.