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BT06K : 4.8volt 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable Crane Remote Battery

$ 29.95

BT06K: 4.8 volt 600mAh rechargeable NiMH battery for crane remotes.  Fits: IKUSI 2303692, ATEX transmitters, RAD-TF transmitters, RAD-TS, T70 1 ATEX, T70 2 ATEX handhelds, T70-1, T70-2, T71, T72 ATEX transmitters, TM70, TM70 range, TM70/1, TM70/2, TM70/iK2.13B JS, TM70/iK2.13B JS3, TM70/iK2.13B LV, TM70/iK2.13B LV3, TM70/iK2.21F JS5, TM70/iK2.21F LV5. Replaces BT06K, BT-06K, 2303692, Danfoss BT06K, Ikusi BT06K, etc.


Voltage 4.8 volts
Chemistry Ni-MH
Capacity 600mAh / 2.88Wh
Dimensions 70.92mm x 53.73mm x 18.86 mm
Color Black
Weight 68.0 g

This battery is compatible with the following model(s):

  • IKUSI 2303692
  • IKUSI ATEX transmitters
  • IKUSI RAD-TF transmitters
  • IKUSI T70 1 ATEX
  • IKUSI T70 2 ATEX handhelds
  • IKUSI T70-1
  • IKUSI T70-2
  • IKUSI T71
  • IKUSI T72 ATEX transmitters
  • IKUSI TM70
  • IKUSI TM70 range
  • IKUSI TM70/1
  • IKUSI TM70/2
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.13B JS
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.13B JS3
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.13B LV
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.13B LV3
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.21F JS5
  • IKUSI TM70/iK2.21F LV5