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BT266342: 2.4v NiMH battery for cordless phones (BT166342, BT183342, BT283342 etc)

$ 10.95

BT266342 : 2.4v 800mAh NiMH battery for V-Tech, AT&T, GE Cordless phones.
Battery packs is made with 2 x AAA NiMH battery cells & White connector.
Replaces battery model #s: AT&T BT166342, BT-166342, BT266342; V-TECH 89-1347-01-00, 89-1347-02-00, BT183342, BT1623421, BT162342, BT166342, BT262342, BT266342, BT-266342, BT283342, etc. 
Battery dimensions: 1.75" long, 0.8" across, 0.4" thick.
Fits the following phone models:
AT&T CL80101, CL80103, CL80111, CL80113, CL80121, CL80131, CL81101, CL81113, CL81201, CL81211, CL81213, CL81301, CL81313, CL82101, CL82113, CL82201, CL82203, CL82213, CL82263, CL82301, CL82303, CL82311, CL82313, CL82321, CL82351, CL82353, CL823623, CL82401, CL82403, CL82413, CL82451, CL82453, CL82463, CL82501, CL82551, CL82553, CL82601, CL83101, CL83113, CL83201, CL83213, CL83263, CL83301, CL83313,CL83351, CL83363, CL83401, CL83412, CL83451, CL83463, CL84100, CL84102, CL8200, CL84202, CL84250, CL84300, CL84305, CL84352, CLP99003, CLP99183, CLP99283, CLP99353, CLP99383, CLP99453, CLP99483, CLP99553, CLP99583, CRL30102, CRL32102, CRL32202, CRL32302, CRL32352, CRL32452, CRL80112, CRL81112, CRL81212, CRL82112, CRL82212, CRL82312, CRL82352, CRL82412, CRL82452, EL2100, EL50003, EL50013, EL51110, EL51209, EL52103, EL52113, EL5220, EL52200, EL52203, EL52210, EL52213, EL52250, EL52260, EL52300, EL52303, EL52313, EL52350, EL52400, EL52410, EL52450, EL52500, EL52510, MS2025, RL96473, TL88002, TL88102, TL90070, TL90071, TL90073, TL91270, TL91370, TL92220, TL92270,TL92271, TL92273, TL92320, TL92370, TL92371, TL92372, TL92420, TL92470, TL92471, TL92473, TL96271, TL96273, TL96323, TL96371, TL96373, TL96423, TL96471;
Fits GE phones: 30522EE1, 30522EE2, 30522EE3, 30522EE4, 30524EE2, 31591;
Fits V-Tech phones: 6001, 6105, 6185, 6214, 6224, 6326, 6375, 6501, 6509, 6511, 6519, 6521, 6522, 6529, 6601, 6609, 6619, 6629, 6641, 6642, 6648, 6649, CL82400, CL82500, CS6124, CS6309, CS6319, CS6328, CS6329, CS6428, CS6428-2, CS6429, CS6429-15, CS6429-16, CS6429-2, CS6429-3, CS6429-4, CS6429-5, CS6509, CS6509-14, CS6509-15, CS6509-16, CS6519, CS6529, CS6529-2, CS6609, CS6619, CS6709, CS6719, CS6719-15, CS6719-16, CS6719-2, CS6729, CS6729-2, CS6729-21, CS6729-3, CS6729-4, CS6729-4D, CS6729-5, CS6758, CS6758-3, CS6759, CS6759-3, CS6859, CS6859-2, CS6859-3, CS6859-4, CS80100, CS81100, CS82100, CS82300, CS82350, DS6501, DS6511, DS6511-4A, DS6521, DS6521-2, DS6521-3, DS6522-3, DS6522-32, DS6522-4, DS6601, DS6641, DS641-2, DS6642, DS6648-2, DS6649, DS6649-2, DS6649-3, DS6671, DS6671-2, DS6671-3, DS6671-4, DS6672, DS6672-4, DS6701, DS6751, DS6751-2, DS6751-3, FS6214, FS6224, IS7101, IS7121, IS7121-2, IS7121-22, LS6001, LS6105, LS6185, LS6305, LS6315, LS6325, LS6375, SN1157, SN1196, SN1197, SN6107, SN6127, SN6127-2, SN6416, SN6146-2, SN6147, SN6147-2, SN6187, SN6196, SN6196-2, SN6197, etc.
V-TECH : CR1535,