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BT-1008 : 2.4 volt NiMH battery for Uniden Cordless phones BT-1021 BT-1016 BT-1025

$ 14.95

BT-1008: 2.4 volt 900mAh rechargeable NiMH battery for Uniden cordless phones. Replaces battery #s BBTG0609001, BT-1002, BT-1008, BT-1021, BT-1016, BT-1021, BT-1025, CBC1002, BATT1008, and more.
Battery pack dimensions: 1.75" long x 0.9" wide x 0.4" thick. Weighs about 1 ounce. Includes the Uniden-style connector.
Fits in phones such as DCX-100, DECT1060, DECT1060-2, DECT1080, DECT1080-2, DECT1080-3, DECT160, DECT180, UIP160P (VOIP). Cross-reference list: Energizer ER-P152, ERP152. Interstate Batteries ATEL0031, TEL0031. Lenmar CBBT1008, CB-BT1008. Radio Shack 23-596, 23596, 23-931, 23931, 43-221, 43221, 43-223, 43223, 43-269, 43269. Sanyo CAS-D6325, CASD6325. Uniden BT-1008, BT1008, BT-1008S, BT1008S, BT-1016, BT1016, BBTG0645001, BBTG0734001, DCX-200, DCX200, DCX-210, DCX210, DECT 1588, DECT1588, DECT 2060, DECT2060, DECT2060-2, DECT2060-2, DECT 20602, DECT20602, DECT 2080, DECT2080, DECT 2080-2, DECT2080-2, DECT 20802, DECT20802, DECT2080-2W, DECT2080-2W, DECT 20802W, DECT20802W, DECT 2080-3, DECT2080-3, DECT20803, DECT20803, DECT 2080-5, DECT2080-5, DECT 20805, DECT20805, DECT 2085, DECT2085, DECT2085-2, DECT2085-2, DECT 20852, DECT20852, DECT 2085-2W, DECT2085-2W, DECT 20852W, DECT20852W, DECT2085-3, DECT2085-3, DECT 20853, DECT20853, DECT 2085-4WX, DECT2085-4WX, DECT20854WX, DECT20854WX, DECT 2088, DECT2088, DECT 2088-2, DECT2088-2, DECT 20882, DECT20882, DECT 2088-2PT, DECT2088-2PT, DECT 20882PT, DECT20882PT, DECT 2180, DECT2180, DECT 2180-2, DECT2180-2, DECT 21802, DECT21802, DECT 2180-3, DECT2180-3, DECT 21803, DECT21803, DECT 2180-4, DECT2180-4, DECT 21804, DECT21804, DECT 2185, DECT2185, DECT 2185-2, DECT2185-2, DECT 21852, DECT21852, DECT 2188, DECT2188, DECT 2188-3, DECT2188-3, DECT 21883, DECT21883, DECT3080-2, DECT3080-2, DECT30802, DECT30802, DECT 3080-3, DECT3080-3, DECT 30803, DECT30803, DWX207, DWX-207, WXI2077, WXI-2077, WX12077, etc.