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BT1007 : 2.4v battery for Cordless phones (BT904, BT1015, ect)

Original price $ 18.00
Current price $ 12.95

The BT-1007 is a 2.4 volt rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for Cordless phones. Standard capacity 1650mAh - $12.95. Upgrade to 2000mAh ENELOOP NiMH (PRE-CHARGED) for $6.00 extra. See X-Ref for fit models.
Dimensions: 2" long, 1.25" across, 0.6" thick.
Compatible with the original 2.4V battery part number:
BT904, BT1007, BT1015, BBTY0651101, BBTY0460001, BBTY0510001, BBTY0624001, BBTY0700001.

This battery replaces these OEM batteries:

Uniden BT904, BP904, BT1007, BT1015, BBTY0460001, BBTY0510001, BBTY0624001 BBTY0700001 DCX150 DECT1500 DECT1340 DECT1363B DECT1363W DECT1363B-2 DECT1363W-2 DECT1400 DECT1480-2 DECT1480-3 DECT1480-4 DECT1480-5 DECT1500 DECT1560 DECT1560-2 DECT1560-3 DECT1560-3S DECT1560-4 DECT1580 DECT1580-2 DECT1580-3 DECT1580-4 DECT1580-4C DECT1580-4WXT DECT1580-5 DECT1580-6 DECT1588-2 DECT1588-3 DECT1588-4 DECT1588-5 DCX150 
Uniden EPX2243 EPX3000 EPX3710 EXP3000 EXP370 EXP370A EXP370CS EXP371 EXP3710 EXP371A EXP380 EPX380B EPX380L EPX390P EXP9660 EXP970 EXP9702 EXP9704 EXP971 EZX290 EZI2996 EZAI2997 CEZAi2998 
Panasonic HHR-P506 HHR-P506A HHR-P506A1B HHR-15F2G1 KX-TG2000B Handset KX-TG4000B Handset KX-TGA200 KX-TGA200B KX-TGA4000B KX-TGA400 KX-TGA400B KX-TGA420B PQHHR150AAZ1 PQHHR150AA21 PQP506SVC Type 17 MHP506A HSCO506 HSCOC06 
Radio Shack/Tandy 23-9096 43-3533 43-3534 43-3541 43-3542 43-3543 ET-3533 ET-3534 ET-3541 ET-3542 ET-3543 
Sprint 89340 
Empire CPH-479B CPH479B 
Energizer ER-P506 ERP506 
GE 1833916 26602 TL26602 
Interstate Batteries ATEL0035 TEL0035