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BPM-392H : 9.6v 3.6Ah battery for Makita 9100, 6991, etc.

$ 29.95
BPM-392H : 9.6v 3.6Ah battery for Makita cordless tools. See x-reference list below for compatibility. Re-charges in stock Makita chargers. Offers substantially more running time than the original NiCd battery packs.
1.Type:Rechargeable replacement battery
2.Battery Voltage : 9.6V
3.Capacity : 3600mAh/3.6Ah
4.Battery Composition: Ni-MH
5.Compatible Band: For Makita
Replaces OEM P/N: 
For MAKITA PA09, 9100, 9120, 9122, 9133, 9134, 9135, 9135A, 192595-8, 192596-6, 192638-6, 193977-7, 192697-A, 193058-7, etc.
Compatible Models: 
For MAKITA 9.6 Volt Cordless Drill Power Tools
Makita BMR100, Makita ML90,3 Makita 6207D, 6207DWDE, 6990D, 6222D, 6222DE, 6222DWE, 6226D Makita 6226DW, 6226DWBE, 6226DWE, 6260D, 6260DWE, 6260DWPE Makita 6261D, 6261DWPE, 6503D,6503DWA, 6503DWAE, 6503DWD Makita 6503DWDE, 6503DWF, 6503DWFE, 6908D, 6908DA,6908DWA Makita 6908DWAE, 6908DWDE, 6909D, 6909DW, 6909DWA, 6909DWAE Makita 6909DWDE, 6990D, 6990DWA, 6990DWAE, 6990DWD, 6990DWDE Makita 6990DWF, 6990DWFE, 6991D, 6991DWDE, 6992D, 6992DWDE Makita DA392D, DA392DW, DA392DWD, DA392DWA, DA392DWF, DA392DZ, etc.