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BP-T23 : 3.6v NiMH battery for cordless phones (T122, T117, B725 etc)

$ 14.95

BP-T23 : 3.6v 1200mAh rechargeable NiMH battery for For Sony SPP-A940 SPP-A941, Recoton T122 T-122 T117 T-117, and many more (see xref list below).
Battery pack dimensions: 2" long, 1.7" across, 0.7" thick

Compatible with the following Models / Part Numbers:
          BP-T23, BPT23, BP-T93, BY00H8
          SPP-901, SPP900, SPP910, SPP930, SPP-930B, SPP935, SPP940, SPPA940, SPPA941, CS-90012, SPP-10910, SPP-A945, SPP-A97, SPP-985, SPP-A985, SPP-ID910, SPP-ID97, SPP-ID97, SPP-ID975, SPP-IM977, SPP-IM982, SPP-M920, SPP-M932, SPP-M937, SPP-A927, SPP-A940BK, SPP-A941GRY, SPP-A972, SPP-A973, SPP-A974, SPP-A975, SPP-ID920, SPP-ID930, SPP-ID940, SPP-ID970, SPP-ID971, SPP-ID976, SPP-IM977, SPP-LD, SPP-S900, SPP901, SPP930B, CS90012, SPP10910, SPPA945, SPPA97, SPPA97, SPP985, SPPA985, SPPID910, SPPID97, SPPID975, SPPIM977, SPPIM982, SPPM920, SPPM932, SPPM937, SPPA927, SPPA940BK, SPPA941GRY, SPPA972, SPPA973, SPPA974, SPPA975, SPPID920, SPPID930, SPPID940, SPPID970, SPPID971, SPPID976, SPPIM977, SPPLD, SPPS900, SPP-900, SPP-910, SPP-930, SPP-935, SPP-940, SPP-A940, SPP-A941

              22250X, 22251X, 9200 (PHONE MODEL), 9200 -PHONE MODEL, ATLUCENT, ATT, 3095, 3302, 3470, 9002, 9050, 90847, 9105, 9107, 9110, 9111, 9200, 92070, 9452, CL8900, CL-8900

                  1910C, 1920C, 2920C, 2950CI, 910ADL, 912ADLC, 914ADLI, 915ADL, 916ADLI, 917ADX, 918ADX, 920ADL, 921ADL, BBTY0405001
                  EXS9910, EXS9950, EXS9960, EXS9965, EXS9966, EXS9980, EXS9995, EXT1960, EXT1965

                      80-1280-00-00, 80-4280-00-00, 80-4134-00-00, 80-4314-00-00, 80-4134-02-00, 80-3328-00-03, 80-4032-00-00
                      8012800000, 8042800000, 8041340000, 8043140000, 8041340200, 8033280003, 8040320000
                      980 Regency, 910VDL, 914AKL, 1711, 1731, 1733, 1900, 1901, 1905, 1910c, 1920C, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1925, 1930, 1930c, 1940, 1961, 1961ci, 1962, 1970, 1970ci, 2060HJ, 2910c, 2920c, 2950c, 2960, 2931, 2961, 9000, 9060, 9105, 9108, 9111, 9112, 910ADL, 912adl, 912ADLc, 914ADLi, 915ADL, 916adl, 916ADLi, 917adx, 918adx, 920ADL, 921ADL, 2932, 2950ci, 2960ci, 2960hj, 2962, 62-9111, 62-2121, 81-9111, 9030, 9060i, 9115, 9121, 9125, 9141, 9151, 9155, 9171, 9181, 90601, 9241, 9341, 9452, 629111, 622121, 819111
                      VT-1900, VT-1901, VT-1910C, VT-1911, VT-1920C, VT-1921, VT-1925, VT-1930, VT-1940, VT-1961, VT-1970, VT-2910, VT-2920C, VT-2950Ci, VT-2960, VT-9000, VT-9060, VT-1711, VT-1721, VT-1731, VT-1733, VT-1905, VT-1922, VT-1923, VT-1932, VT-1933, VT-1962, VT-2931, VT-2932, VT-2961, VT-2962, VT-9030, VT00-1921, VT01-9111, VT-029111, VT03-9111, VT1920C
                      VT1900, VT1901, VT1910C, VT1911, VT1920C, VT1921, VT1925, VT1930, VT1940, VT1961, VT1970, VT2910, VT2920C, VT2950Ci, VT2960, VT9000, VT9060, VT9000, VT9060, VT1711, VT1721, VT1731, VT1733, VT1905, VT1922, VT1923, VT1932, VT1933, VT1962, VT2931, VT2932, VT2961, VT2962, VT9030, VSB2400, VT001921, VT019111, VT029111, VT039111
                      AM1930, AM1933, AM1963, BT-23, BW-1932, BW-9141, BY01B, BT01G, BY02B8, SBC1933, VSB, VSB-2400, BW1932, BW9141, SBC-1933

                  TOSHIBA: TRB3803, TRB3808, TRB-9100, TRB-3803, TRB-3808, TRB9100, FT3803, FT-3806, FT3808, FTH3806, FTH906BK, FT-H916, FT-H916BK, FT-H918, FT-H918BK, FTH955, FTH955BK, FT-H986, FT-H986BK, FT-9007, FT-X988, FTH916, FTH916BK, FTH918, FTH918BK, FTH986, FTH986BK, FT9007, FTX988, FT3806, FT-3803, FT-3808, FT-H3806, FT-H906BK, FT-H955, FT-H955BK, SX2007, SX-2007, SX2007BK, SX-2007BK, RC006495

                    RADIO SHACK / Tandy: 23271, 23295, 26305, 43682, 43682A, 438024, 438026, 960-1377, 23-271, 23-295, 43-682, 43-682A, 43-8024, 43-8026, 43-8024, 960-1465, 23-810, 43-1101, 9601377, 438024, 9601465, 23810, 431101, CS90012, CS-90012, CS90166, CS-90166, ET682, ET-682

                      AUDIOVOX: BT911, DST961, DT911, DT921, DT921C, DT931, DT931C, BT-911, DST-961, DT-911, DT-921, DT-921C, DT-931, DT-931C

                      BELL SOUTH: BS2931, TL6502, TL-6502

                        GE: TL96502, TL86502, TL-86502, TL26502, TL-26502, TL-96502

                          SHARP: CL-905, CL-960id, CL-980id, CL905, CL960id, CL980id

                            SPRINT: 1910C, SPT-920, SSPP-937

                              TELE-PHONE: TEL-620, TEL-813, TEL-909, TEL-1215

                                AMERITECH: 804134000, AM1933, VT1910C, VT-1910C, VT1930C, VT-1930C, VT2910C, VT-2910C, VT9000, VT-9000

                                  Battery Biz: B-725, B725

                                    Dantona: BATT23, BATT999, BATT-23, BATT-999

                                      Empire: CPB-465, CPB465, CPB-483, CPB483, GP60AAM

                                        Energizer: P-7360, P7360

                                          Hi Capacity: B-725, B725

                                            Interstate: ATEL0890, TEL0890, ATEL0745, TEL0745, P7310, P7360

                                              Lenmar: CB-0323, CB0323

                                                Panasonic: 910ADL

                                                  Recoton: T122, T-122, T117, T-117