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BP-STSxe : 7.2v ready-to-use NiMH battery for STS AV7600 Air Band radios

$ 59.95

BP-STSxe: 7.2 volt 2100mAh LONG LIFE rechargeable Ni-MH battery for the STS AV7600 & AV7600AOR handheld Airband radios. Arrives PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE. This battery pack is made with low-self-discharge cells, so it can retain its charge when not in use for up to 1 year.  There is a plug jack on the bottom of the battery, so a wall-charger can be plugged into it.

Replaces original STS battery.Th BP-STSxe can be re-charged with either our Plug-in Wall Charger (# WC-STS) or your original STS Drop-in rapid charger. Note; The original STS wall charger will fit into the charge jack on this battery, but that charger's output is too low to effectively charge this battery.

The BP-STSxe is an Exclusive item from Batteries America.