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BP-KX99xe : Ready-to-use 2100mAh NiMH battery for Bendix King radios KX-99

$ 64.95

BP-KX99xe: 10.0volt 2100mAh long-life rechargeable NiMH battery for Bendix-King radios (KX-99, LPH, LPX, LPI, LPU, LPV, MPN series). Replaces LAA-105, LAA-125, LAA-0105, LAA-0125 etc. It arrives to you PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE.  Made with low-self-discharge cells; These batteries retain their charge when not in use for up to 1 year.  

Pricing is for 1 battery pack. Picture shows two aspects of the battery.

Replaces LAA-105, LAA105, LAA-0125, LAA0125, LAA-0139, LAA0139, LAA 125, LAA125 etc.  Re-charges in Desktop Rapid Charger LAA 0325) or Slow Charger (LAA 300); can also be slow-charged thru the top of the radio with plug-in wall charger. Provides increased operating time over the original NiCd battery.
Recommended accessories:
(1) IC-WC : Wall Charger
(2) IC-CP : DC Power & Charge cord (12-13.8VDC in)
(3) CP-12-24i : DC Power & Charge Cord (12-24VDC in)
(4) LAA-0325 : Desktop Rapid Charger
(5) KX-8AA : Alkaline Battery Case (holds 8 x AA cells)