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BP-BK9AA : AA battery holder for Bendix King

$ 49.95

BP-BK9AA: Alkaline Battery case for Bendix King HT radios. Holds 9 x AA battery cells.  Handy for providing instant high power to your BENDIX KING handheld radio. Fits Bendix-king radios for Aircraft, Business band, Military, Search & Rescue, etc. Suitable for use with alkaline (non-rechargeable) 1.5V batteries.  Operating time is dependent upon the capacity & quality of batteries being used. Replaces battery packs such as LAA-105, LAA-125, LAA105, LAA125, LAA0105, LAA0170, LAA0139 etc, and AA holders such as BP-KX8AA, KX-8AA, BP-KXAA.