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BP-83xh : 7.2 volt 2200mAh LONG LIFE rechargeable NiMH battery

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$ 44.95

The BP-83xh is a 7.2 volt 2200mAh LONG LIFE rechargeable Ni-MH battery for ICOM radios. Fits IC-2SAT, IC-W2A, IC-24AT, IC-4SAT, IC-2SRA, IC-4SRA, IC-M7, IC-M9, IC-R1,  etc. Replaces original ICOM BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84. Recharges in Desktop Drop-in Rapid Chargers (EMS-79A, BC-72), or with Wall Chargers (thru the radio), or with DC Power Cords (thru the radio)

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