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BP-751517 : 1S 3.7v LiPO battery for Estes, Hubsan, Walkera etc.

Original price $ 10.00
Current price $ 4.95

BP-751517: 3.7volt 100mAh rechargeable Li-PO (Lithium Polymer) battery for micro quads,  copters such as Estes Nano Quad, Hubsan, Walkera, etc. Includes micro JST 1.25 connector. Battery size: 15mm x 17mm x 7.5mm.  Weighs 3.1gms (about 1/9 of an ounce).  X-ref fit list includes: Cx10, CX-10, CX-12, JJ810, 820, JJ820, 828, JJ828, V646