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BP-55041 : 9.6v 1400mAh Replacement Battery Insert for Sea Ranger

$ 39.95
BP-55041 : 9.6volt 1400mAh Replacement Rechargeable NiMH Battery Insert for Sea Ranger handheld. This battery assembly goes INSIDE your Sea Ranger battery pack.  It will upgrade your battery running time. Cross reference # PV5504140A. The Sea Ranger battery needs to be disassembled (remove screws) on top/sides/bottom, and the old internal battery cluster needs to be de-soldered & removed. The new insert is the Same Size, and fits neatly in place. You will need to solder the battery pack wires onto the new insert. Dimensions: 2.5" across, 2" tall, 1.22" thick. Made with 8 x AA size cells.  Insert is clearly marked on POS(+) and NEG(-) terminals.