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BP-272LH & BC-202i: Battery & Charger Bundle for ICOM ID-51A, ID-52A, ID-31A, IC-705

$ 89.95

SALE! BP-272LH & BC-202i: Battery & Rapid Charger Bundle for ICOM.  For ID-52A, ID-51A, ID-51A Plus, ID-31A, ID-51E, ID-31E, IC-705, etc. (D-STAR; all worldwide versions).

You get: Battery, Charger, Wall Power supply, Belt Clip.

Battery is BP-272LH: 7.4v 2270mAh, with Belt Clip. Replaces BP-272, BP-271, BP-272Li, BP-271Li etc. 
Charger is BC-202i: Batteries America brand desktop Smart Rapid Charger, with worldwide AC-DC wall power supply. Charges battery safely & quickly, and shuts off when battery is full. Can charge battery with or without the radio attached. Has LED charge status indicator.

Related Accessories 
IC-CP : 12VDC Power Cord - Plugs into back of BC-202i for mobile use.
CP-12-24i : 12-24VDC Power Cord - plugs into back of BC-202i for mobile use
BP-272LH: 7.4v 2270mAh battery
PTT-51-31: PTT Speaker Mic
CBE-272: Battery Eliminator
CP-12L : 12VDC Power & Charge Cord (plugs into Radio)
CP-20BA : 12-24VDC Power & Charge Cord (plugs into Radio)
BC-110AR: Wall Charger
BC-272 : Belt Clip (heavy-duty, spring-loaded)