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BP-232N : 7.4volt 2200mAh Li-ION battery for ICOM radios

$ 39.95

BP-232N: 7.4v 2200mAh rechargeable Long-Life Li-ION battery for ICOM handheld radios. Replaces BP-232, BP-231, BP_232N, BP-231N, BP-232WP, etc. Fits ICOM IC-F14/S, IC-A14/S, IC-F24/S, IC-F33G/GT/GS, IC-F43G/GT/GS/TR, IC-F3011, IC-F3021T/S, IC-F3061, IC-F3161T/S/DT/DS, IC-F4011, IC-F4021T/S, IC-F4061, IC-F4161T/S/DT/DS, etc. Provides high-watt long-life operation.
Re-charges with stock OEM chargers (slow-charge & fast-charge models), or with our EMS-232 rapid charger.
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