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BP-224 : ICOM 7.2 volt NiCd battery for Marine radios

$ 79.95

BP-224 : 7.2volt 750mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd battery for ICOM marine radios.  Fits the IC-M2A, IC-M2E, IC-M21, IC-M31, IC-M32, IC-M33, IC-M34, IC-M35, IC-M36, IC-M90, IC-M90E, GM1600, GM1600E, etc.  This is an ICOM-brand OEM battery.  Re-charges in stock ICOM chargers.

Delivery lead time on this product is 3 weeks.

Recommended accessory: EMS-224 : Rapid Charger for NiCd/NiMH BP-224, BP-224h batteries.