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BP-202xh : 7.2v 2700mAh long-life battery for Realistic, Radio Shack HTX-202, HTX-404

Original price $ 70.00
Current price $ 59.00

BP-202xh : 7.2 volt 2700mAh high-capacity rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for REALISTIC & Radio Shack handhelds. Fits HTX-202, HTX-404. Can be slow-charged (with wall charger plugged into DC jack), or Fast-Charged in desktop charger (CM-30, CM-35, BC-30, BC-35). Can also be charged with a 12VDC Power Cord (IC-CP)
Recommended Wall Chargers: IC-WC (plugs into battery OR radio), BC-110AR (plugs into battery only).

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