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BP-173xe : Ready-to-use High-Watt battery for ICOM radios (replaces BP-173)

$ 49.95

BP-173xe : 9.6 volt 800mAh rechargeable Hi-Watt battery for ICOM radios.   Arrives to you PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE.   Replaces ICOM BP-173.  The BP-173xe is made with low-self-discharge Ni-MH cells, so they RETAIN THEIR CHARGE WHEN NOT IN USE !   Fits ICOM radios such as IC-T7A, IC-T7H, IC-W32A, IC-W32E, IC-W31A, IC-W31E, IC-Z1A, IC-T22A, IC-T22E, IC-T42A, IC-T42E, etc (worldwide versions).
Recharges overnight via wall charger thru radio (WC-173, WC-AIC, BC-110A), or re-charges in desktop charger (such as the EMS-173 or EMS-173-180).
Pricing is for 1 battery pack.  Picture shows two sides of the battery.