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BP-173x: 9.6v 1450mAh NiMH battery for ICOM radios (replaces BP-173)

$ 62.95

BP-173x: 9.6 volt 1450mAh rechargeable Long Life & High Watt Ni-MH battery for ICOM radios. Replaces the ICOM BP-173 battery. This is an exclusive product, designed by Batteries America. Fits the IC-Z1A, IC-W31A, IC-W32A, IC-T22A, IC-T42A, IC-T7A, IC-T7H, IC-T7E, IC-T22E, IC-T42E, IC-W32E, etc. (all worldwide versions). Replaces BP-171, 172, 173, 180, etc. Provides High-Watt Transmit capability. Delivers more than twice the operating time of the original BP-173, while physically remaining the same size. Recharges through the radio with the OEM wall charger. It also re-charges in an approved desktop charger (Such as EMS-173-180). If you require a Wall Charger, we offer the BC-110AR, or WC-AIC (plus into radio), or the WC-173 (plugs directly into battery, 8-hr charge). 

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