by Batteries America
$ 39.00
$ 29.95

BP-170L: AA Battery Case for ICOM IC-W32, IC-W32A, IC-W32E, IC-W31, IC-T7, IC-T7E, IC-T7H, IC-Z1A, IC-T22A, IC-T22E, etc. Replaces BP-170, BP-171, BP-172, BP-173, BP-180. Holds 6 x AA cells for higher-watt transmit capability (Alkaline or Lithium batteries = 9.0VDC power). Exclusive design by BATTERIES AMERICA. This product is designed to prevent the battery cells inside from being accidently charged.  IF you use NiMH AA cells  in the case, you will typically need to remove them to re-charge them.

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