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BP-132xxe : 12v 2550mAh ready-to-use NiMH battery for ICOM

Original price $ 90.00
Current price $ 72.95

BP-132xxe: 12.0 volt 2550mAh long-life READY-TO-USE rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for ICOM HT radios.  Made with eneloop Pro 2550Ah cells.  Arrives to you PRE-CHARGED and READY TO USE.  These batteries RETAIN THEIR CHARGE for over a year when not in use !  Fits radios such as IC-W21A, IC-W21E, IC-2GXA, IC-2GXAT, IC-V21AT, IC-F10, IC-F20, IC-M10, IC-M10A, IC-M10E, etc.  Replaces original ICOM 12 volt batteries such as BP-132 and BP-174.  Battery pack includes built-in Microphone.  Re-charges best with a desktop fast charger such as the EMS-79A.  These battery packs are exclusively MADE IN THE USA by BATTERIES AMERICA, and are the highest-quality batteries available for these ICOM radios.
Two colors available: GREY or BLACK.  Choose pack color when ordering.

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