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Original price $ 38.00
Current price $ 19.95

BLI-801-1 : 3.7volt 1000mAh Li-ION battery for LG cellular phones. 
Fits the following LG phone model #s: AX245, AX355, AX390, AX4270, AX4750, AX490, AX5000, LGIP-A1100E, LX350, MIGO, MM535, PM225, PM325, UX210, UX355, UX390, UX4750,  UX5000, VI125, V1000, VX3200, VX3280, VX3300, VX3400, VX3450, VX4270, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX5300, VX6100, VX6200, VX8100, VX8300, etc.
Pricing is for 1 battery pack.   Picture shows two sides of the battery.