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BLI-270-1.4: 7.2 volt 1400mAh Li-ION extended-life battery for JVC digital camcorders and cameras.  Attaches to outside of camcorder.   Replaces BN707U, BN-VF707, BN-VF714, BN733U, VF733, BNVF707, BNVF733, BN-V714U, BN733U.  Fits the following JVC products: DRX5, EVERIO GZ21, EVERIO GZ27, EVERIO GZ37, EVERIO GZ500, EVERIO GZ50US, EVERIO GZ77, EVERIO GZMG20US, EVERIO GZMG30US, EVERIO GZMG35US, EVERIO GZMG40US, EVERIO GZMG70US, GR250, GR250US, GR270, GR271, GR271US, GR275, GR290, GR290US, GR295US, GR370, GR395, GR396, GR430, GR430US, GR450, GR470, GR470US, GR540, GR550US, GR565, GR570, GR650, GRD240, GRD270US, GRD275US, GRD295, GRD350, GRDF420, GRDF450US, GRDF550, GRDF570US, GRX5, GZ21, GZ27, GZ37, GZ505, GZ57, GZ77, GZMG20, etc.