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Original price $ 64.00
Current price $ 39.95

BLI-230-2.1: 7.4v 2100mAh high capacity Li-ION battery for Panasonic, Hitachi camcorders. Fits onto outside of device; provides extended operating time. Replaces VBD-070 etc.  Replaces Panasonic VBD-070, CGA-DU07,etc.  Provides extended operating time !
Fits the following models:
Hitachi DZBP07PW, DZBP145, DZBP14S, DZBP21S, DZ-BP75,DZBP7S;
Panasonic CGA-DU07, CGA-DU12, CGA-DU14, CGA-DU21, CGR-DU06, PVG-S320, PVG-S80, PVG-S85, VWV-BD07, VWV-BD14, VWV-BD21, VSB-0470;

Fits the following models:
Hitachi DZ3200A, DZ3300A, DZ380A, DZ550A, DZ730A, DZBD10HA, DZBX35A, DZGX3100A, DZGX5020, DZGX5080A, DZHS300A, DZHS500A, DZM580, DZM730, DZM780, DZMV350A, DZMV730A.
Panasonic NVG-S50, NVG-S70, PV-150, PV-200, PV-250, PV2931, PV308, PV35, PV39, PV400, PV-500, PV508, PV-50S, PV59, PV70, PV-GS120, PV-GS150, PV-GS19, PV-GS200, PV-GS250, PV-GS29, PV-GS300, PV-GS308, PV-GS31, PV-GS33, PV-GS35, PV-GS39, PV-GS400, PV-GS500, PV-GS508,PV-GS50S, PV-GS59, PV-GS70, SDR-H20, SDR-H200, VDR-D100, VDR-D105,VDR-D200, VDR-D210, VDR-D230, VDR-D250, VDR-D300, VDR-M30, VDR-M50, VDR-M70.

Price $ 39.95 per battery.