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BC-8260 : Smart Charger Package for FNB-82Li

Original price $ 39.00
Current price $ 24.95
BC-8260: Smart Charger for Yaesu FNB-82Li, FNB-82XL, ICOM BP-243, SONY NP-60, Kodak KLIC-5000, etc.  Plugs into Wall Outlet (has flip-out prongs; 100-1240VAC worldwide) and 12VDC (vehicle). Has LED charging status indicators.  Safely stops charging when battery is full.
This charger also works for similar formatted batteries, such as the Kodak KLIC-5000, the SONY NP-60, the ICOM BC-243, etc

Includes Wall Power Adapter (100-240VAC) and 12-13.8VDC car power cord. (battery sold separately).