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BC-224 : Desktop Rapid Charger for BP-288 (for IC-A25N, IC-A25C)

$ 54.95

BC-224 : Desktop Rapid Charger for BP-288 Li-ION battery; for IC-A25 and IC-A25C aircraft radios (ICOM worldwide versions). Includes BC-224 Base Unit and BC-123SE wall AC-DC Power Supply.  Charges battery alone, or you can insert the radio & battery together.  User-friendly no-button operation; insert the battery, the charger LED indicates Charging (Red LED), and when the battery is full, the charger stops, and the LED turns Green. Typical full charge in about 3 to 4 hours.

Recommended / related accessories:

(1) BP-288  - 7.2v 2350mAh Li-ION battery.

(2) BC-110AR - Wall Charger (worldwide use; plugs into radio)

(3) CP-20BA - DC Power & Charge Cable (worldwide use, 12-24VDC in; plugs into radio)

(4) CP-12L - DC Power & Charge Cord (worldwide use; 12-13.8VDC in put; plugs into radio)