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B3 20W : Smart Charger for 7.4v and 11.1v Li-PO R/C batteries. 1600mA/hr output.

$ 19.95

B3 20W: High-output smart Balance Charger for 2S (7.4 volt) and 3S (11.1 volt) Li-PO (lithium Polymer) R/C batteries. The B3-20W can be operated from a common wall outlet. Plug your battery's balance connector (the one with 3 or 4 wires) into the B3AC; the charger does a quick analysis of the battery, and then starts the smart balance-charging regimen.  The B3 20W charging rate averages to about 1600mA per hour, per cell. This is an Averaged current rate for time purposes, not a fixed hourly rate, because the Lithium charging algorithm is not based on constant current.  The LED lights on the charger keep you appraised of how each individual battery in the pack is progressing. The B3 20W is fully automatic, and stops charging the individual cells in your pack when they are detected as full. For stable, good-quality Li-PO packs, the cells typically reach full charge within minutes of each other. 
Example: a 2S pack is being charged; LED #1 may show Green (full) while LED #2 may still show red, indicating it is still charging. This means Cell # 1 is full and no longer being charged. Cell # 2 is still being smart charged, and should be done soon.  Total charging time depends on inherent battery capacity.  The B3 20W applies a separate individual charge to each cell in your battery pack.  
The B3 20W is recommended for battery capacities ranging from 1500mAh to 7200mAh.  
For smaller batteries (800mAh and larger), we can recommend the B3AC.
For batteries below 800mAh, we recommend the CoolCharger A3.

Charge Lithium batteries on a non-combustible surface. Monitor battery during charging.