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ALINCO EBP-50N : 9.6v 700mAh NiMH battery

$ 49.95

IN STOCK. Limited quantity remaining.
EBP-50N : ALINCO-brand 9.6 volt 700mAh long-life rechargeable NiMH battery. Fits radios such as DJ-195, DJ-196, DJ-446, DJ-493, DJ-496, DJ-596 radios, etc. Includes belt clip. Replaces EBP-48, EBP-48N, EBP-50N, EBP-51N, etc. Provides high-watt operation. Typically re-charges thru the radio with your original Alinco wall charger, or with your original Alinco desktop charger, or with our WC-48-51 wall charger, or with our EMS-30A rapid charger.  Can also be re-charged with a DC Power & Charge cable plugged into the side of the radio.

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