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ACC134N : Voltage Regulator for R/C hobby

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$ 19.95

ACC134N: Voltage Regulator for R/C hobby applications. Input range 4.8V-8.4VDC. Designed for 5-cell NiMH, 5-Cell NiCd, 2-cell Li-ION, 2-cell LiPO, 2-cell LiFE battery packs. The voltage output is selectable as 6.0VDC or 5.4VDC . Handles 5A continuous current, with 10A peak. User-friendly plug & play design. Protects onboard electronics of RC model from high-voltage exposures. Has Heat Sink for optimum performance. Can be used with Futaba, JR PROPO, SPEkTRUM, HiTEC, Airtronics Z systems. Weight: 0.7 ounces.

Note: For optimum Servo performance, 5.95VDC works the best.